New Loving tackles sex alienation caused by capitalism.

Japan has the highest rates of virginity, unmarried, and sexless couples, and the reason is because Japanese culture and capitalism are quite compatible. Sex alienation is global trend, and there is a lot to learn from Japan's experience.

Sex Alienation

Capitalism creates alienation not only in labor but also in sex. The more capitalism develops, the more money intervenes in human relationships, and even the relationship between men and women becomes money oriented. Sex becomes more and more like prostitution, which is a service from the woman to the man, and it becomes boring, and because it's boring, women demand more money, and men who don't have money can't have sex, and the number of virgins increases.

Sex alienation is not the only problem capitalism has. There are many, and in fact, the root of all evil in modern civilization is money. Then, why can't we fix capitalism?

Here is my theory. Modern civilization is Western civilization, and the base of Western civilization is Christianity. I believe that reason why Western civilization cannot fix capitalism is because of the contradiction of Christianity.

Then, what's the contradiction of Christianity? Jesus preached love and denied money, but for some reason, the church taught abstinence to its followers, and it became the basis of capitalism(The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Max Weber). Jesus didn't teach abstinence, but the church taught it and allowed pursuit of money.

Lenin built the Soviet Union with fear and violence, but I want to fight against capitalism with love and sexual liberation. Love between men and women was born in medieval France. Love is the union of the spirit of man and woman. Equality between men and women means that women are not the property of men. I deny the prostitution-like sex that has infested capitalist society and promote sex that women can enjoy.

Sex Education by Older Women

So how exactly do I fight against capitalism with love and sexual liberation?

It used to be older women's task to teach sex to virgin boys in Japan, but the tradition was abolished by the government because such tradition was thought to be shameful to Westerner's eyes. I want to bring the tradition back to life.

Party Pictures

I used to have monthly international swinger party in Tokyo for four years from 2003 to 2006. The theme was to entertain women, and I took pictures in each party and showed them on the web. I took them down when I quit the party, but I re-upload them for you to see how much the women enjoyed the party. Nobody came for money. Nobody was forced to come. They came purely for enjoying sex, and you can see how much they enjoyed the party from their smiles. You don't need money to have sex. You just have to take your capitalist mind off of your head.